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How to become a successful blogger in Nigeria

I recently started another blog. But before I started I did a quick research based on the top 100 Nigerian blogs. I discovered that a number of these blogs failed and were actually offline. For one reason or another they weren’t in business anymore. Why did these blogs fail? And how can you become a successful blogger? If some of the Top 100 blogs in Nigeria have kicked the bucket then what hope is there for those who haven’t made it to any “top anything” list? While I’m not here to paint a gloomy picture of the blogging business I am here to state certain facts that people have forgotten. 1. Blogging Is A Business If blogging wasn’t a business then won’t recommend it for anyone to start and wouldn’t even be in it to start with. But for various reasons people think blogging is a hobby and as such just give up when they hit the first wall. Even if it’s an imaginary one. Maybe because it’s so easy to start. You could setup a blog with just N10, 000. You will pay for yo…

Top 10 Richest Bloggers in Nigeria 2017