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Sheep gives birth to deformed lamb that looks like a human being (photos)

A sheep in South Africa has given birth to a deformed stillborn lamb that looks like a human baby.
 We gathered that the Eastern Cape Department of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform confirmed that the lamb was delivered by sheep that was infected with virus during pregnancy. 
Chief Director of Veterinary Services, Lubabalo Mrwebi, explained that it was common for pregnant animals to be infected with viruses early in their pregnancy. Mrwebi said: “We call on the local community not to panic over this deformed lamb. We can confirm that this deformed lamb is not a progeny of sheep ovum and a human sperm.” “Virus infections in early stages of pregnancy may infect the foetus and lead to the development of malformations in the growing foetus. It is likely that this is what happened to the Lady Frere sheep.” 

 As head continues to deplete ADVERTISING inRead invented by Teads According to him, the sheep could have been infected with Rift Valley Fever (RVF). He said: “The resultant circulatio…

Kwankwaso reveals why Igbos cannot leave Nigeria

Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso says Igbos are an integral part of Nigeria and as such they cannot be let go - Kwankwaso says so many Igbos have great business across the nation (north majorly), and as such the Igbos will not want to let all that go to ruins 

The elder statesman says Nigeria can only get stronger and better together Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso has urged elder statesmen to urgently check the separatist agitations which pose a threat to the fragile peace in Nigeria Kwankwaso, an ex-governor of Kano state, advised the Federal Government to tread carefully in their dealings with youth factions from both the north and southeast. Speaking at a news conference in Abuja on Wednesday, June 21, the elder statesman advised that dialogue should be the only solution. Kwankwaso said: “Even if one part of the country, rightly or wrongly, is aggrieved, in my opinion, talking of secession is going too far.” 

“The Igbo have nowhere to go. They have more assets in the North, more than 80 per cent or …